Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diana Lockhart is awesome!!!!!!!

I came back from the library to find a lovely owl sitting on my bed waiting with this great package. I can't praise Diana enough, she is the best spoiler.

Still in the box
The letter from Diana
Meet Huff L. Puff
Huff keeping an eye on the mice Diana made for my kitties (more pics at the end of them playing with the mice). Hopefully they will keep them from playing with my yarn.
A little something for my wee wizard
The lovely bag, stitchmarker and potions.

Close up of Diana's lovely handy work
Pretty flower button
Super Needle Rolls
Diana saved my needles from having to live in a ziplock bag.
Lucy Bag patter, notebook, cards and pen
Bookmarks and new vamp book, I'm super excite about the book since it's been one I've been wanting to get for a few months.
Needle for to make the Lucy Bag and homemade Huffle chocolates
Rose bath fizzies
The whole package
Note I couldn't get a good picture of the lovely yarn, it is so soft and squishy
Pictures to show Diana that her gifts are very much enjoyed.
Circular Needles in roll
Double Points Needles now have place to live too.
Both rolls all full and ready to go
Emmett and Sirus investigate while Lupin watches
Sirus is going to loose his catch cuz he's flirty with the camera
There is no way he is letting that mouse go
Emmett thinks the mouse is tasty
Emmett stalking the mouse


Pandora said...

That is great package! I love Huff L. Puff! You choose great names for your kitties!!!

SapphireGypsy said...

I'm glad you like it, I'm happy all your needles fit. :) I'm thrilled the cats like the mice. :D

Fiera Firenze said...

Great package!

setembrina said...

what a great kit!!!
you should put her in for BEST KIT!!

I have read that series and it is pretty good.

For your next series try the Catherine Crawfield series by jeaniene frost. Skip the Monere series!!